Campaign Planning and Strategy | A Workbook and Guide to Kick-start Your Campaign

Deciding to run for office can be very daunting. Whether you are running for re-election or this is your first time, this book is for you. “Campaign Planning and Strategy” focuses on creating a winning strategy utilizing branding techniques. All campaigns have a brand…it’s up to you to define it in a way that will help win votes. This book will break down the concepts of branding for your campaign with worksheets to help you look at your brand in new ways. It will take you step by step explaining the principles of this technique and then provides easy to use worksheets to begin creating a winning plan.


Adam Knight has been helping businesses and individuals develop their brands and win campaigns for over 20 years. His background comes from a mix of branding, graphic design, print management, business and political consulting. When he started his company, Curo Managed Print Production, helping to make quality branding attainable for all was at the core of the business plan. It’s even in the name Curo, which comes from the Latin word curare which means to care for or manage. To help bridge the gap for local political candidates, Adam began offering strategy seminars to the public and ultimately wrote the book, Campaign Planning and Strategy, A Workbook to Guide and Kick-start Your Campaign. Join Adam as he shares tips and tricks of the trade in developing and maintaining a brand that will be remembered at the polls!

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