Farmdale Elementary IB Student Exhibition Project

If I were to be totally honest, printing HR manuals, instructional guides, flyers and posters can get a bit repetitive and boring sometimes.  And then, out of nowhere, a project will come along that is inspirational, something new and exciting.  For me – that project came in the form of an email from three elementary school students – Lance, Azazel and Ezekiel.  They are in the 5th grade and go to Farmdale Elementary in Los Angeles. Their email was asking if Curo would be willing to partner with them and support their goals of making yard signs to spread a positive message “Don’t just look, act against racism.”  What a powerful message coming from a group of 5th graders with incredible initative!

According to their teacher, Ms. Dominguez, “Farmdale Elementary is an IB World and Community School.  Students at Farmdale learn about the importance of being a citizen of the world and taking action to make our world a better place.  As 5th graders, students at Farmdale complete a culminating, student-initiated, problem-based inquiry called the Exhibition. Through the Exhibition, students apply their learning in authentic contexts to take action on an issue or problem they are passionate about.  Students research the causes and effects of the issue or problem and then develop their own action plan to address these issues or problems.  Through this project, they learn about the process reaching out to community members and local businesses to develop partnerships to support their cause and work they are doing.”  

Working with Curo, the students chose to work with their local PTA for this program and they are incredibly supportive of the program.  For every yard sign sold, Curo Managed Print Production will be donating $5 directly towards the PTA.  That way, the students can work with them on how to continue promoting the message even after they leave Farmdale.  Each design on the yard signs have been designed by the students and are available through our portal here.

When I was in 5th grade, conversations with my friends were about playground crushes and games.  Our country has seen much growth over the decades but it has also seen much pain and sorrow.  With the events of the last year, our kids have seen events unfold that will forever be remembered.  They have seen people of color being hurt and killed.  They have seen people rise up in the streets fighting for what they feel is right.  They have seen racism take on new forms – blaming Asian people for a world wide pandemic and being attacked in the streets.  Lance, Azazel and Ezekiel, with the leadership of this amazing school decided to make a difference and spread a message that was important to them.  “Don’t just look, Act against racism.”  is a powerful statement on its own, but when you know that those words are coming from 5th grade students it feels so much more somber and meaningful. 

The world needs more Lances, Azazels and Ezekiels.  Ms. Dominguez, the school, their parents and the community should be proud of what they are trying to accomplish.  

Please consider purchasing a yard sign to support these amazing student efforts!  I look forward to seeing what these students do next in life!

-Adam Knight
President and CEO
Curo Managed Print Production