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Photo Booth Services


No event is complete without a great photo booth for the guests and Curo Managed Print Production's photo booth services is one of the best in the market!  Treat your guests to a fun and engaging experience for your next special event.


We know that are many options available for photo booths and it is important to understand the differences when shopping.  First and foremost, our photo booth is an open air booth.  This means that it is not enclosed in a box, drapery or anything else that confines and limits the number of guests.  Second, we utilize the latest technology to ensure not only great quality photos but the best experience possible.  Out photo booth his not an out of the box solution.  Every element from the camera and printer to the software has been customized, tested and developed to leave your guests with the "wow" feeling that you want them to leave your party with.  Finally, this is a full service solution, not a rental service.  We come an hour before your guests arrive to set up and test the booth to ensure everything is calibrated to the location and lighting.  Our friendly attendants stay with the booth for the duration of the event and help your guests through the process.  They keep the props organized, adjust the angle of the camera for each shot, will change the settings of the camera if the lighting conditions change and will help draw guests to the booth to ensure you get your money's worth on the event. From beginning to end, we are here to make your event a huge hit!


So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call and schedule us for your event before it's too late!

Photo Booth Packages


All photo booth packages include the following:  Open Air Photo Booth with 8 or 10ft backdrop, fully stocked props table and hat stand, friendly attendant, custom designed photo print layout (not based on templates), easy sharing to Facebook, Email or SMS, real time posting to Facebook (optional with WiFi on-site) and high resolution photos provided after the event on USB drive.

Basic $450


  • 2 hours of unlimited photos
  • 1- 4x6 or 2 -2x6 prints of each session
  • Standard Black backdrop

A La Carte Pricing


Extra Attendant - $150

Custom Photo Holders - $25 setup + $1.00 ea

Video Sessions - $75

Added Time (per hour) - $100

Basic Green Screen $600


  • 3 hours with unlimited photos
  • 1- 4x6 or 2 -2x6 prints of each session
  • Green Screen backdrop
  • 6 background options

Silver $700


  • 4 hours with unlimited photos
  • Unlimited 4x6 or 2x6 photo prints
  • Green Screen Backdrop
  • 6 background options
  • up to 2 Attendants

Platinum $900


  • 6 hours with unlimited photos
  • Unlimited 4x6 or 2x6 photo prints
  • Green Screen Backdrop
  • 12 background options
  • Video Sessions
  • 3 Attendants
  • 200 Custom Printed Photo Holders



Weddings require an extra level of care to ensure that all guests get the level of attention that they deserve.  On average, weddings will see 40 photo sessions per hour.  Based on this, we recommend The Silver Package for weddings with between 75 and 100 guests.  For more than 100 guests, we recommend the Platinum package.  This will allow for each guest to have an opportunity to do multiple photo sessions.

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