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Curo Managed Print Production was founded on a simple idea that printing does not need to be expensive.  President and CEO, Adam Knight spent 17 years managing print facilities and divisions for several big name printing companies.  What he came to realize is that each of those companies became bloated over time and carry enormous corporate overhead.  Ultimately, it is their customers that end up paying for the overhead in the end.  Curo's core model is to help our customers with the same.


At Curo, we do things differently.  Our focus is on providing savings.  We provide our best prices up front, no negotiating needed.  As an example - we provide standard 8.5x11 color copies at $0.17 each.  You don't need to do 500 copies or 1000 to get that price - you can get that price for 5 or 10.  We do this by making smart production decisions that allow us to pass along the savings.  If we run a single 8.5x11 color copy or a single 11x17, our charge from Xerox for the service and toner is the same.  So whenever we can, we run 2 up on 11x17 and cut it in half.  Most companies do this but keep the margin - Curo passes the savings along to our customers every time.  This is just one example of how we can help you save!

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What is Curo?


The word Curo comes from the Latin verb  Cūrāre :

1. To arrange, see to, attend to, take care of or ensure  

2. To heal or cure

3. To govern or command

4. To undertake or procure


This is the very core of what we do every day. We care for our customers and their projects as if they were our own.  We help control budgets and find savings opportunities while ensuring the best quality possible.

How we can help


Whether designing and printing your marketing material, helping you manage your in-plant copy center, setting up daily print programs in our facility or providing special event services - we have the solution for you!


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